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Friday, April 20, 2012

Crane Insanity

Following up from Sunday's post...don't be afraid, Jaye's bird enthusiasm will calm down soon. Please do blame the fact that we took our spring vacation in Nebraska and Colorado so the normal energy used for writing has been redirected. On a side note, the current work in progress, Face Control, is nearly finished. That is to say, the first and all important draft is nearly finished. We're procrastinating because soon the fun will be over.

Kearney takes their crane watching very seriously. The birds live along the Platte River from early March to the first or second week of April. Bird enthusiasts, academics, and normal people come from all over to watch the cranes take off at sunrise and return at sunset. The local Caribou Coffee even opens an hour early to accommodate.

While in Kearney, we took the opportunity to explore. Being from 'the big city' of Omaha, its not often that we have the chance to be tourists in our own state. Fantastically-enough our rental was from Illinois so it was fun to pretend. Among the sites to be seen was the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the Nebraska Museum of Art (MONA). Jaye's not a bit art fan but she was very impressed by the second floor exhibit of the crane migration recreated in Japanese Origami.

In Japan when someone is very ill it is tradition to fold and give the gift of 1,000 cranes to facilitate healing. The MONA exhibit was part of a regional fundraiser for a hospital I believe...can't entirely remember. There were at least 40,000 cranes covering the walls of the second floor of the museum. The museum is free so if you happen to find yourself in Kearney, Nebraska do stop by!

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