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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crane Elegance

Tootling right along with our Nebraska wanderings today is a belated post on one of those on our list to do before dying things: Go watch the Sandhill Crane migration in Kearney, Nebraska.

While this may not sound so exciting to you indoorsey city folks, which definitely includes Jaye and myself (the Writer is in denial) there is little left that is truly majestic in this world. A couple thousand birds with red spots on their heads all hanging out on the same nearly extinct river is one of them.

Every year these cranes hang out along the Platte River between Kearney and Grand Island Nebraska. Kearney you might know from the end of About Schmidt when Jack Nicholson is touring the archway monument with headphones.

Kearney though not famous on the national hot button tourist sites, so happens to be exactly the middle of the country. If you are standing at this arch spanning Interstate 80 you are exactly the same distance from Boston as you are from San Francisco. (Picture is from inside the arch).

Anyways, this is where Sandhill cranes come to pick fields clean of corn, basically gorging themselves every day from sunrise to sunset before flying to Alaska for the summer where they make babies. Interesting to note that these birds mate for life. Jaye almost got herself teary counting the number of birds flying solo when we watched them take off for their morning feeding.
There will be a part two post for this subject because I took a lot of pictures. Aren't you glad we live in Nebraska so you can learn these useless FAQ's?

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  1. Such a cool state. We drive through Nebraska at least once a year to visit my parents. That bridge and I are not strangers. :)