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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Crack Heard 'round The States

Not everyone can always have an exciting weekend. Jaye usually spends at least six of hers in front of the TV indulging. The writer does not believe in weekends and is often found making notes on bits of paper, editing a manuscript, or sketching the first draft of a scene. But this weekend, I dragged everyone out to the melee which is Omaha's only Whole Foods during their free favorites tasting hours between 12 and 3. If you haven't ever been, look up your store's local site and go, its like lunch! (We're not being paid so please note the enthusiasm)

Why this particular Saturday? Whole Foods was having a special event. And not your usual run of the mill special Whole Foods goodness kind of event. They were breaking the world record by simultaneously cracking open a round of Parmesan cheese at every store at 3 o'clock est. Here are my pictures. I cannot remember the guy's name who did the official cracking in Omaha.

This last picture is him shaving off the freshest of fresh samples of cheese as people swarmed up to grab them from his hands. Just saying, not the average weekend for us. I have been in conference with the writer about incorporating the story into one of our novels. So if you ever happen to see it, you'll know the weekend of the first inspiration.

Cheers to cheese!

1 comment:

  1. How'd I miss this at Whole Foods?! Dang. I need to go way more often for their events. We love Trader Joe's because they always have those freebies that are right out the oven. Mmmm.

    Hope the writing and write campaign is going great!

    I tagged you in the 7 Meme challenge that's been going around via Write Campaign. Not so much a challenge really but a chance to share our WIPs.

    Take care!