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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Entertainment Weekly

Influx of LOST rehashing has solicited a diagnosis of disorientation this week.
But what better way to begin a new year by reliving something old? That being said, watching so many episodes of this landmark TV series that will probably be unmatched in both the number of main characters and the buzz it generated week to week for years to come, has left our brain a bit on the drama weary side what with all the yelling and overrating and generally bad dialogue writing.

Last night Jaye said that she wanted to hire herself out to rephrase dialouge so that it was less reactionary ALL of the time and gave a little space for real people rather than an absolute trajectory. For example at the end of season one when John and Jack are blowing up the hatch.
"I don't think we should do this, John."
"We have to Jack."

But then five minutes later the have to is irrelevant because the apparent need for the hatch to shelter 40 some people has become impossible so a new absolute must be presented in order justify going into the hatch. And it goes on and on and no one ever talks nicely they just yell and then use some version of "If you don't do this, I'll shoot you."

This all being said, and Jaye's frustrations aside I really love LOST and haven't seen a show as intelligent or gripping in the years since it was running. Thoughts?

Also, some of you may have seen on twitter and Goodreads that I recently finished The Devil all the Time by Donald Ray Pollock. Highly recommend it if you like gritty good writing and nasty but redeemable characters. Pollock worked for twenty some years in a paper mill in Ohio and every inch of his experience authorizes his writing. Its quite fantastic. Here is an excerpt from the first chapter which gives a good taste as I discovered it this summer.

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