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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Land of Water

Late afternoon sun followed us accross the river to Red Oak's Pizza Ranch. Sun on water made it sparkle and blind. The rain has absorbed and distributed the nominal summer humidity into the ground. Here there is more water than land.

With I-29 continuing to be closed sojourners detour through Emerson, a blip of a farming community along the railroad boasting 250 residents and a quiet Midwestern pastoral. Nestled in the shadow of the Council Bluffs now nearly covered in a rain forest of damp greenery, residents are hard pressed to ignore climate change and encroaching hordes breeding in the standing water that has overwhelmed every low lying field and furrow.

No one could have imagined that western Iowa would become an Everglades copy cat. Next installment: alligators and orchids. A new state is evolving.


  1. Sounds like an interesting experience. I've never been to Iowa, but I've been to a couple other states, the most frequent destination being Delaware.

    Looking forward to your post on alligators and orchids!

  2. Fellow campaigner Hi. Not on twitter or FB. I've never been to Iowa either, sounds lovely :O)

  3. Hi campaigner - I like this morphing state idea!

  4. I'm a fellow campaigner in your historical group. I'm not on twitter, but I'm excited to see you around the campaign!

  5. Hi, Jaye.

    I'm a fellow potential campaigner. (Potential because I did not find out about said campaign until late last night and am awaiting approval.)

    I don't twitter, but you can find my newly erected blog here:


    Looking forward to more on Iowa. All the best on the campaign trail

    Sandwiched Writer

  6. Hi Jaye, I'm a new Campaigner in your adult fiction group (also historical). Nice to meet you!

  7. Hi Jaye,
    I have already said 'hi' as a campaigner. Revisiting as I have discovered that I am in both your Woman's Fiction and Literary Fiction Groups.
    I like your post about the 'Land of Water' - very evocative, wondering what the 'hoardes' are?
    I live in London - so you will have to excuse my ignorance about the scenery in Western Iowa which sounds stunning!

  8. Hello from another fellow Historical campaigner. I did drive through Iowa once about 17 years ago, but don't remember it being so humid. I look forward to following your blog!

  9. JoAnna, The hordes are mosquitoes.

  10. Hello, Jaye! Fellow historical fiction campaigner here. I hope you're able to finish the story soon. I'm in Florida, so we know alligators *shudder* and mosquitoes *bigger shudder*